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See the award-winning brand agency's interior shop design for Comet electrical retail. New store concepts and in-store technological innovations.

Comet Technology Store interior design edge-of-town superstore

Technology and Electrical store
retail branding and interior
design for Comet.

Comet was the second largest electrical retailer in the UK,
for whom we delivered a store environment which
had warmth, accessibility and impact.

Multiple store locations, United Kingdom.

Comet Technology Store rebrand and interior design consultation point

Technology and electronic gadgets

Comet was the second-largest electrical retailer in the UK with over 250 stores, with a total of 239,300sqm sales space, and 8,734 employees. Several years before the chain was sold by Kesa Electricals to private equity firm OpCapita, we created a new store environment that had warmth, accessibility and interest, and improved product appeal.

Comet required a third-generation format for their stores since becoming part of the Kesa Group. Our store innovations team was tasked with creating a new store layout and brand communication environment to maximise the advantage of Comet’s investment in improved service and staff. The concept made customer service visible and easy to use and integrated it into the customer journey.

Comet aimed to be the final place for customers to make their home electronic purchases and to be a friendly place to receive knowledgeable advice free from pressure. Convergent technologies between computers and home entertainment, home appliance and cooking and kitchens categories required our store innovations team to rethink new ways of displaying and communicating comparisons between products, their uses and benefits. The black and orange branding is used to reinforce the authority of the service and benefits communication.

The central store areas were redesigned as a zone for the growing market in personal and portable technology for people on the move. New inspiration and zoning communication were added to improve customer orientation. Service and consultation zones have a warmer and positive graphic presence at the front of the store with colour and graphic treatment that defines the service pods throughout the store.

Many companies are starting to realise that traditional media may not be working for them. We believe in-store point-of-purchase information to be the most important media when attempting to influence final purchasing decisions.

Comet electronic and technology reatil store design customer service desk
Comet Technology Store interior design mobile phone department
Comet Technology Store rebrand identity, interior design digital camera merchandising display and super graphic wall communication
Comet Technology Store rebrand identity, interior design digital camera merchandising display and super graphic wall communication
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Comet Technology Store, home wares store planning
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Comet Technology Store interior design store planning super graphic wall communication