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Branch audit, interior design and communications proposals for a leading financial retailer in the UK.

Lloyds Bank branch audit inspiring ideas for work statio design design
Lloyds Bank Reception point at the entrance of the branch - Branding

Banks face big risks shrinking branch networks.
A Lloyds Bank brand and retail network
branch audit plans a future position.

The audit produced two recommendations:
1. The branch evolves into a sales advice-oriented hub.
2. Develop a communications strategy based on
money/meaning relationships.

The outcome: A stronger relationship-based retail and marketing business model.

Lloyds Bank entrance of the branch ATM zone

The famous black horse dates back to 1677

Following meetings with the Director of IT and Retail Operations of Lloyds, London offices. We were tasked with auditing their latest branch retail format in Cheapside, City of London.

Our audit proposal considers of all facets of successful branch design and brand strategy - an effective technology inter-phase, customer journey, ergonomic customer-centricity, research and insight planning layouts, POS & branch communications and lighting design.

The branch audit aimed to build a format and communications strategy around money/meaning relationships; helping to move a transaction-based operation to a relationship-based business, shaping the Lloyds brand proposition statement around customer insight, ideas, and solutions based on life-needs focus.

Many types of branches can now be developed to meet different business opportunities. We seek to partner with the strongest banks who articulate a better strategy, multi-channel delivery across the estate, and exhibit a much higher focus.

Lloyds Bank ATM self-service zone

"We need all members of staff to be on the sales floor
between the hours of 12 noon and 2.30pm.
We want to act like retailers not like bankers."

David Cox, Branch Manager at  Lloyds Cheapside London

Lloyds Bank Personal Banking and consultation point
Lloyds Bank, Personal Banking and consultation point
Lloyds Bank ATM zone
Lloyds Bank Teller desks and express cahier and deposit point
Lloyds Bank Private consultation office
Lloyds Bank Private consultation office and branded wall graphics “Pick up a leaflet”