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An innovative fashion brand identity and interior store design from the past. The predecessor to River Island.

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Chelsea Girl  brand identity for shop front
Creating a brand identity and external signage. 

Creating a retail brand identity and fashion store interior for
Chelsea Girl.

From the 1960s when teenage the culture was first born, Chelsea Girl offered affordably fashionable clothing
to a generation of youths.

Chelsea Girl  window display shop front design

They don't design clothes. They design dreams

From the 1960s, when the teenage culture was first born, Chelsea Girl offered affordable, fashionable clothing to a generation of youths. To drive profitable growth, the owners of the fashion retailer, the Lewis family, believed their primary investment in management time and capital should be the design and procurement of stock. The second most important investment was in the brand image, store design and their store-opening programme.

In the 1980s, as an independent company, Chelsea Girl competed with large, publicly owned corporations such as Next, Top Shop/Top Man, and Miss Selfridge to attract an 18-35 age group. Chelsea Girl, now called River Island, has over 300 stores in the UK and is one of the UK’s largest and most successful privately owned companies. They continue to compete against today’s fast fashion giants, such as H&M and Zara. In the mid-1980s, Chelsea Girl management tasked our design team to create a brand identity, a communications suite, store environments and a merchandising system.

The retailer was one forerunner and innovators of “fast fashion”, where retailers competed to get catwalk trends from the drawing board to the shelves as quickly as possible. This involves changing stock frequently so that customers keep coming back to check what’s new. For example, the Zara shopper drops in 17 times a year whereas the high street average is just four. Tantalisingly limited stock means that not only is there “exclusivity” to their products, but customers think, “If I don’t buy now I’ll lose my chance”.

Chelsea Girl  window display shop front design
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Chelsea Girl fashion store window display
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