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How to create retail store interior that gets people to purchase more products.

Since the rise of online retail, there have been countless pronouncements that the store is waning and the high street is dead. However, today's fashion retail landscape is evidence that the sector's bricks-and-mortar store remains a vital part of multichannel shopping.

We at the CampbellRigg Agency believe that investment and innovation need to focus on providing the best possible customer experience and this is where our specialist skills come into play.

The winners in fashion retail will be the pragmatists. These are the management teams who believe in an excellent omnichannel set-up and convenience of a bricks and mortar portfolio. The CampbellRigg Agency has the skills and business services to help management teams achieve these objectives.

Snow Queen store design Moscow

If you have shops as well digital, that is to your benefit. If you are pure-play digital, you have to make your website amazing, which is what those pure-players like Asos or Net-a-Porter do. But if you are a retailer that has lots of shops then you should not be spending millions of pounds on magazine editors and rich content to a level of a magazine, because if you have shops customers don't need that.

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The areas of focus for bricks and mortar retail include the store design, head turning visual merchandising, eye-catching store windows, exceptional merchandising, lighting, the location and ergonomics of cash desks, the way in which music is used and the brand signage.
Ultimately, the in-store fashion retail experience in today's retail world is about far more than just the clothes. This concept is an insistence on architectural and interior design pragmatism. It's about an experience, about injecting creativity and design to put new momentum behind the retail proposition.

Snow Queen store design Moscow

The role of the store is fundamentally changing. While fewer stores will be needed, as a good digital presence generates reach and credibility, physical retail remains critical going forward. The shape of estates may reflect more of a hub-and-spoke model: employing a handful of large flagship stores in key destinations, complemented by a portfolio smaller local stores.

The digital, as well as the bricks-and-mortar shopping experience, needs to amaze and amuse.
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