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A leading jewellery retailer in the UK. Store design, merchandising systems and brand communications.

Argos Jewellery Stores interior design Silverburn Shopping Mall Glasgow

Argos is the UK's fourth-biggest jewellery retailer. A new buying strategy to incorporate third-party brands warranted changes to planning merchandise display
in the store.

Argos Jewellery Stores interior design cashier and merchandising display

To accommodate the new strategy, we developed a visual merchandise zoning solution flexible enough to allow hero product categories to feature in different size store formats.

Multiple store locations - United Kingdom.

Argos Jewellery Stores interior design and POSM

Diamonds are forever

Following years of growth and success, Argos opened its first ‘Elizabeth Duke’ branded jewellery counter in 1980. By 1982 it was the UK’s fourth-biggest jewellery retailer. Elizabeth Duke for many years held firm as an established brand to be eventually phased out and replaced with a ‘jewellery and watches brand. In recent years, the market had changed and Argos developed a new strategy to meet a wide range of customer needs and new 3rd party brands. The aim was to increase market share, to build the product range, store environment and service needed to become The Family Jeweller. With very high awareness but much lower conversion among existing customers, the main issue was to encourage existing customers to reappraise Argos.

As their award-winning retail design partner. We were tasked with revitalising the jewellery department with a new department retail design concept. The plan was a trial of a new jewellery concept and this would act as a basis for all future store developments.

The brief for the format, merchandising and navigation design for their Glasgow Silverburn store. The new store concept was above-average floor space, the store provided the opportunity to test a vision design solution, covering all navigation solutions, the full product range and all customer services, including ideal store positioning with no constraints of existing layout and equipment usage.

Argos store jewellery and watch gallery visual merchandising display
Argos Jewellery Stores interior design
Argos Jewellery Stores interior design Silverburn Shopping Mall Glasgow
Argos Jewellery Stores interior design visual Silverburn Shopping Mall Glasgow