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Petrol forecourt branding, C-Store design, merchandising and POSM communications.

Safeway petrol forecourt canopy branding
Safeway Petrol forecourt branding, design, retail, filling stations, convenience stores, brand identity

Consumer needs for motor services have become more sophisticated
in recent times.

Petrol forecourt retailers have responded
to these trends with the addition of fresh grocery,
hot food and other desirable offers.
Multiple store locations - United Kingdom.

Safeway Petrol forecourt branding and totem design

Respond to market trends

Consumer needs have become so sophisticated in recent times that petrol forecourt retailers have had to respond with fresh food, hot food and other desirable grocery offers.

The Safeway approach was to ensure that its petrol forecourt channel became a convenient extension to its ‘Best at Fresh’ strategy. Also paramount was that the offer of distress purchases and convenience grocery lines-traditionally tobacco and confectionery was the addition of a full top-up shop and home meal replacement offer.

The walk-on trade and non-fuel buying car drivers were vital elements for commercial success, and critical to the appeal was the creation of a store environment that increased customer dwell time and maximised the retail space for higher-margin lines.

The in-store planning and design ensured that the forecourt showcased a wide selection of fresh foods and quality food-to-go. Bread, fresh fruit, vegetables and pizza, as well as fresh ready meals and treats were attractively and authoritatively merchandised, giving the consumer a compelling choice.

Safeway petrol filling station restaurant buffet serve over food counter
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Safeway Petrol forecourt interior design café and restaurant design
Safeway Petrol forecourt branding, convenience stores café and restaurant design
Safeway Petrol filling station, café and restaurant design