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How to create a department store interior and shop design that gets people to purchase more products.

In the 21st Century department store selling comes 2nd, what's really important is getting people through the door and keeping them there with a tempting array of brands and experiences. We aim to animate as many brands and as many experiences as possible by making shopping a fun adventure.

At the heart of this concept are an insistence on architectural excellence, a luxury fragrance department, sensational lighting and amazing visual merchandising displays. It's about creativity and design to put a whole new momentum behind the consumer offering.

Ab Rogers Design and Reggiani lighting for Selfridges Store Birmingham

Crucial to the reinvention of the department store is the combination of cafes and restaurants. The idea is to put a world-class restaurant, a cafe and a quality food offer on top of the department store. To be the best in town and a destination for its self. We aim to draw people into the building.

Fifth Floor Café,  Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge designed by Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands

For us, it's important that the department store is as exciting and interesting as the best art gallery, restaurant, entertainment and leisure experience.

We think about customer psychology in order to plan the consumer offering on each floor.

How do our clients benefit from our services?
The home appliances department in Harrods.

Our design team was charged with the feasibility, planning, interior design and graphic treatment of Harrods luxurious second floor 700 sqm appliance department. We designed and delivered the brand environment, the brand toolkit and POS communication.

We also prepared plans for the format to make the customer journey more intuitive.

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CampbellRigg Agency in London

Harrods Knightsbridge second floor hom ppliances department designed by CampbellRigg

Harrods Knightsbridge second floor home appliances department designed by CampbellRigg

Harrods Knightsbridge second floor home appliances department designed by CampbellRigg