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How to activate Generation Y vs. Premium customer activation programmes.

There are many challenges in business, understanding change at the inflexion point and working with partners to produce a profitable outcome is key to successful game-changing branch design. This is where our brand marketing services prove useful.

We at the CampbellRigg Design Agency help financial institutions to become truly customer-centric. One area of focus includes optimizing the bank's branch network, integrating customer information across channels to improve customer experience, and leveraging the power of mobile technology to extend reach and improve customer loyalty.

Many banks realize that they can no longer afford to develop products and services without paying close attention to customer segment trends. It is already clear who will lead the pack: those banks that regain the hearts and minds of their customers with target-specific offers. The future belongs to us, banks and their partners that give the customer centre stage in their business models.

OCBC Frank bank instant current account opening desk, Singapore

We continually benchmark the best in class operations across the globe and at OCBC of Singapore, we observe the FRANK bank branches were created after an extensive study of young people (Gen Y 16 years to 29 years) and is based on the Frank brand personality: honesty, trust and progressiveness.

Branches at Frank look like stores and have open spaces, tablets that customers can use. The original function of a bank branch of depositing and withdrawing cash is disappearing. Instead, the focus is on a consultant-style mobile sales force specialized in selling products from both the bank itself and other providers as well as instant account opening.

OCBC Frank bank communications wall, Singapore

Because Gen Y and the Premium segments utilize technology to meet their expectations for banking products and services, banks are struggling to understand the business and technology needs of these groups. Active on social media, Gen Y customers use this channel to regularly review products and services through discussions among friends, family and acquaintances whereas the Premium segment has a completely different modus operandi, often preferring twitter. As a group, Gen Y customers are more technologically savvy than other age groups and differ in terms of behaviours and preferences.

The Frank bank has introduced a retail store concept which is modelled after the shopping experiences Gen Y customers are familiar with. This marks a departure from traditional banking, where customers browse tablets, and understand the bank products, and discuss their banking needs with bank representatives. FRANK also offers an online banking website that is simple to use and includes details of products and promotions. It is active on social media websites such as Facebook, engages Gen Y with information on their products, and encourages queries on social media platforms.

Credit Union Australia bank interior,  Image from The Financial

So we at CampbellRigg believe new customer segments are emerging and that is focused on a twist on the idea of convenience, based not on proximity, number of branches or even longest hours, but on what many describe as ubiquity for his/her market segment.

VTB Privilege lifestyle imagery designed by CampbellRigg

How do our clients benefit from our services?
VTB privilege premium banking service.

Our design team was charged with the creation of the Privilege brand for the VTB premium segment, planning the interior design and graphic treatment. We designed and delivered the brand environment, the brand toolkit and POS communication.

The areas of focus for our expertise in retail banking includes brand and branch design.

Ultimately, the in-store retail experience in today's retail world is about far more than just the products. This concept is an integrated digital experience and insistence on interior design excellence. It's about injecting creativity and design to put new momentum behind the retail proposition.

By developing a compelling format/channel, we help clients increase sales of new and refurbished stores with sales per square meter significantly ahead of the average.
We also prepared plans for the format to make the customer journey more intuitive.

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Privilege bank interior for Russia's second largest bank VTB designed by CampbellRigg

Privilege market segment Brand Identity for Russia's second largest bank VTB designed by CampbellRigg