Araz Supermarkets AZ

Supermarket Retail

A shopping mall and supermarket retail design concept in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Araz Shopping Mall Design, Azerbaijan, Retail Brand Identity Creation, Entrance Architecture and Interior Design - CampbellRigg Agency

We collaborated with Araz management to reinvent the "Local Mall" for a digital age; a "Physical place where many multiple consumer offerings
are available."

Our solution is a modern evolution of architectural
design and building materials.

Araz Shopping Centre Azerbaijan, Exterior Visual of the Innovative Three Floor Mall - CampbellRigg Agency

Let's dream bigger

Modern, stunning, infectiously passionate, witty, a smart piece of architecture. The new shopping mall in Baku also builds on the best of what other malls previously had.

Azerbaijan’s leading supermarket chain Araz, headed by Aydin Talibov, tasked CampbellRigg twith the architectural design and creation of a new shopping mall to house, as anchor tenant, their supermarket brand in the centre of Baku. The 12000m2 multi-storey shopping mall situated over three floors houses a 2080m2 Araz supermarket.

The architect's design allows a large amount of natural light through glazed elevation and is a key driver for CampbellRigg's design approach. Allowing for a flexible structural design, whilst designing for efficient energy usage and maintaining comfortable interior conditions for users, was a key goal for the client and for CampbellRigg.

The main idea was to change the perception of the local mall and supermarket as it exists today in Azerbaijan. The CampbellRigg creative team planned the integration of the supermarket into the mall design. The aim was to make Araz the anchor tenant for fashion retailer LC Waikiki the “fast fashion” retail chain, a Pepco shop offering apparel, household goods and toys for the whole family at the lowest prices and a pharmacy and drugstore chain, Rossmann to help form a destination centre where you could spend half a day.

For the supermarket, our planning principles were to: - create a more intuitive easy to shop customer journey, - place destination ‘hero’ brands in anchor locations - develop a warm and welcoming first impression and engage customers in sustainability and recycling - considerate approach to disabled and parents and child parking within the exterior environment.

Araz Shopping Centre Design, Internal Visual of the entrance to the supermarket - CampbellRigg Agency

"Campbell Rigg International reinvents local
retail at the Araz Mall." Baku, Azerbaijan

Araz Shopping Centre Azerbaijan, Designing a Local Mall, External Parking - CampbellRigg Agency
Araz Shopping Centre Azerbaijan, Designing a Local Mall, Night View External Elevation and Parking - CampbellRigg Agency

"Demonstrates eye-opening possibilities in
architecture and retail design in Azerbaijan." Baku, Azerbaijan

Araz Supermarket, Architectural Planning and Design for a 2000m2, Azerbaijan - CampbellRigg Agency
Planning the supermarket merchandise layout. 
Araz Shopping Centre, Architectural Planning and Design of a Supermarket and Local Mall, Azerbaijan - CampbellRigg Agency

"Araz Mall and Supermarket illuminates and points
the way forward for food retailing in Baku." Baku, Azerbaijan