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Jewellery store design, shop layout, planning and retail branding.
How to develop a store brand that gets people to purchase more products.

The core purpose of a jewellery retailer is to help customers "celebrate life and express affection to loved ones". They do this by educating and assisting customers in purchasing branded jewellery and watches.

Customers associate the best jewellery brands with high-quality jewellery and an outstanding customer experience. We help retailers increase the attraction of the store brands to customers through the use of brand differentiated environments and exclusive merchandise concepts while offering a compelling value proposition in more basic range promotions.

We aim to deliver what shoppers want through multiple channel goods and services product offering, merchandising and "Exclusive to, new and trending - how much have I saved" POS promotions.
When starting a project we benchmark the best in class store concepts from across the globe. The Swarovski image above was used as a benchmark during the development of the Argos Jewellery and Watch department project. please see the image below.

We aim to increases sales and share of wallet for the retailer, via customer-centric cross merchandising strategies.

Argos Jewellery visual merchandising display designed by CampbellRigg

How do our clients benefit from our services?
We added value when working with the management team of Argos on the
refurbishment of their jewellery and watch department in the United Kingdom.

We designed and delivered the brand environment, the brand identity, brand toolkit for sub-brands and POS communication on and offline.
We prepare plans for the format to make the customer journey more intuitive.
(Please see the Argos Jewellery case study).

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