Tesco Retail UK


Creating a brand identity, effective marketing and branding strategies. POS communications and own-label packaging design for a multi-format global food retailer.

Rebranding Tesco express brand identity
Rebranding Tesco metro brand identity
Concept sketches of the new brand identity and sub-brand Tesco Metro. 

Tesco's brand identity refresh, own label packaging and brand equity marketing communications.

The Tesco marketing executive wanted the logo to be contemporary, to have the effect of softening, humanising and warming up the brand and to demonstrate
how it could be carried across all communications
above-the-line and below-the-line.

Rebranding Tesco extra brand identity

Celebrating the Year of the Tiger

In 1995, at the time of their last brand revision, Tesco wanted to be seen as a confident brand and challenger to Sainsbury’s and the new logo reflected a shift to a modern, sharper, ‘cleaner’ Tesco. The logo served Tesco well, as the brand had grown and diversified, and rigorously implemented across all media throughout the business.

We had worked with Tesco for several years on retail design projects in the UK and Eastern Europe. In recent times, Tesco approached us to work on two work streams:

Updating the core brand identity based on an articulation of brand expressions.

A new store design ‘look and feel’ which would bring the brand expressions to life in the stores, soften the overall look and make the experience more coherent and seamless, and finding ways to ‘design in’ community and environmental initiatives, and stressing added value service.

Rebranding Tesco express communications and brand identity
Creating the brand platform. 
Rebranding Tesco extra brand identity on hypermarkets
Applying the brand identity to new store concepts.
Rebranding Tesco express brand identity on convenience stores
Tesco supermarket entrance branding
Banner design for store entrance. 
Tesco hypermarket escalator entrance branding
Rebranding Tesco brand identity on shopping bags
 Branding shopping bags and own-label packaging.
Rebranding Tesco brand identity on food packaging
Rebranding Tesco brand identity creative design proposals
Producing the creative criteria on concept boards. 
Rebranding Tesco brand identity and sub brands