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Explore the 'East' airport brand activation - A new journey for airport travel retail design.

Duty-free shoppers and airport travellers are applying new criteria in their assessment of brands that extend beyond premium and luxury fragrance, spirits and fashion accessory products. They look for brands who can demonstrate a well-conceived brand image, clarity within the goods and services offering, robust promotion themes and high-quality operational performance.

Brand activations are a crucial part of building a positive perception of a brand. This can be achieved through product samplings, in-store retail marketing and experiential events.

Innovative visual merchandising Bombay Sapphire East Heathrow Terminal 5

When conceiving a strategy for an activation programme, we at the CampbellRigg Agency aim to define core features that will distinguish the brand from the competition in an often crowded marketplace.

Brands must find a way to reach customers that shift perceptions and create real emotional engagement. These marketing events must bring positive feeling in the minds of consumers who become loyal customers and purchase products. The Bombay Sapphire East experience aims to achieve this objective.

Innovative graphic promotion Bombay Sapphire East Heathrow Terminal 5

How do our clients benefit from our services?
We can prepare and or implement strategies for the brand activation programme.

The Bacardi Together Movement asks their consumers to fight the challenges of modern day society and is a celebration of reconnecting, of getting social and a reminder that nothing beats getting together in person.

It was a multi-media communications approach that included airports, print media, experiential marketing, significant digital advertising and the "Like It Live, Like It Together" engagement program on Facebook. But to produce meaningful differentiation a brand must always be consistent across all consumer touch points.

Maintaining brand consistency is forbidding the brand to wander away from the core proposition, maintaining the design guidelines so everything is visually interlinked. But a brand needs to breathe and interpretation using images and new iterations of the identity keeps a brand alive.

Innovative Bacardi together brand lock-up

We work in partnership with our clients and their advertising agency to create brand assets, design and deliver brand environments, create the brand identity and brand toolkit for the brand, sub-brands and below-the-line POS communication for online digital and offline bricks and mortar.

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Innovative pop-up sampling and merchandising display Copenhagen airport

Artwork for merchandising display Copenhagen airport