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Shopping centre interior design and food court branding.

In order to keep more people in a shopping centre longer, everything from the "fashion, leisure entertainment and food ambience, to the signage and circulation" makes a huge difference to how long visitors to the mall stay. It's really about making sure couples, families or a group of friends won't leave the mall for the entire day because there is so much to entertain them.

At the heart of this concept is an insistence on architectural excellence, from luxury fashion to every day contemporary brands, sensational lighting and amazing store designs, food court entertainment and visual merchandising displays. It's about the experience, about injecting creativity and design to put a whole new momentum behind the food offering.

Burger King restaurant EmQuartier Food Hall Bangkok

Crucial to the successful design of the shopping mall is not the all-purpose open plan food court of yesterday but rather the carefully calibrated combination of food halls, cafes and restaurant brands. One idea is to put a world-class restaurant, cafes and a quality food offer on top of the mall and an outdoor children's play area as well as the food hall and an indoor hawker centre in the basement. The aim is to be the best in town and a destination in its self to draw people through the building.

Dessert Club EmQuartier Food Hall Bangkok

Food halls and food courts have long been culinary meccas. By bringing both together and adding exceptional dining on the top floor of the mall combined with a Mario Batali's Eataly and a Singaporean hawker-stand concept in the basement, we aim to appeal to a wide consumer audience.

For us, it's important that the shopping mall is as exciting and interesting as the best art gallery, restaurant, entertainment and leisure experience.

We continually benchmark the best in class operations across the globe and on a recent business trip to Bangkok our brand team photographed the latest shopping mall, food and beverages outlets at the EmQuartier Mall Bangkok (Please see the images above and below).

The Food Hall at the EmQuartier features a wide array of international cuisines and a contemporary version of the hawker centre concept (for the less affluent), making it the one-stop shop food hall with Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Singaporean, Taiwanese, Australian, American and New Zealand food available on a 7000 sqm.

Hawker food concept EmQuartier Food Hall Bangkok

Stickhouse EmQuartier Food Hall Bangkok

How do our clients benefit from our services?
Our London based branding agency added value when working with the management team of Multi on the refurbishment of Forum Istanbul Mall, Turkey.

Multi is a leading owner, manager and (re)developer of high-quality shopping centres across Europe and Turkey.

Our design team produced the cost planning feasibility study, the interior design concept, community events zones, car park planning, brand identity and way-finding navigation for the Forum Istanbul Mall.

A major aspect of the 7.8 million Euro refurbishment includes the 2,500 seat food court. Where we designed and delivered the brand environment
(Please see the Forum Istanbul case study).

We offer a one-stop multidisciplinary service.

Marketing and brand design services made simple at the
CampbellRigg Agency in London

Roast restaurant EmQuartier Food Hall Bangkok

Forum Istanbul Mall Food Court Istanbul, Turkey designed by CampbellRigg

Forum Istanbul Mall Food Court Istanbul, Turkey designed by CampbellRigg

Forum Istanbul Mall Food Court Istanbul, Turkey designed by CampbellRigg