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Short description: Spirits industry branding and design for Belluga Vodka, JSC Synergy - Russia.
- 07.04.2023

BELUGA Vodka brand experience marketing strategy spirits industry

When the first bottle of BELUGA Vodka rolled off the production lines at the Mariinsk Distillery. The management team began to consider the strategic positioning of the brand. Employing design and marketing consultants to position the BELUGA Vodka at the highest end of the market. The brand owners are quick to point out, this is not a brand for the mass market. It is a brand which seeks those retail consumers who wish to separate themselves from other vodka brands in terms of sophistication and self-realisation.

BELUGA Noble Russian Vodka duty free marketing Agency

The marketeers of JSC Synergy enlisted our brand team to help create, design and implement the BELUGA Vodka Export experience. Our creative team captured the spirit of early 21st-century craftsman. Utilizing themes from the bottle and label design. The marketing material incorporates beautifully adorned mute colours and classic typography. The brand-building imagery positions BELUGA Vodka at the highest end of the market.


BELUGA Noble Russian Vodka duty free marketing Agency
BELUGA Vodka is produced by JSC Synergy, where it has been in production at the distillery in Mariinsk since 2002. The history of the distillery dates back to 1900 when it was built in a remote area of Siberia located in the town of Mariinsk.

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