Kesko K-Citymarket hypermarket design, Helsinki, Finland Tesco hypermarket bakery design

Hypermarket store design and format planning
As a brand agency, we pursue a threefold strategy for successful hypermarket retailing.

Customers tell us they do not enjoy the experience of shopping in a big box format and that these shops are not tailored to the local community or convenient.
The strategy we devised to address this issue is threefold. “We need to make stores exciting, relevant and convenient.” Shoppers want to be able to pop in and just grab some food for the evening, as well as do a big shop. Issues the big box retailers don’t always cater for in their store design and format planning.

How do our clients benefit from our services?
Our store design solutions feature shop within shop experience, branded delicatessen and restaurant, revamped fresh food areas, beers, wines and spirits section, with innovations such as trend product category merchandising displays i.e. speciality fresh pasta, bread, cheese and beers.

Tesco hypermarket store design Accrington

By increasing the fresh footage in big box stores and having a compelling clothing and cookware departments, we help our clients increase sales of new and refurbished stores with sales per square meter significantly ahead of the market average.

We design and deliver the brand environment, the brand identity, brand toolkit for sub-brands and POS communication.
(Please see the Safeway, Kesko and Tesco Hypermarket case studies).

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Tesco fresh food counter store design

Tesco bakery department, merchandising system and POS communications

Tesco wine department, merchandising system and POS communications and navigation wayfinding

Safeway Hypermarket architectual entrance canopy

Safeway Hypermarket delicatessan counter

Kesko K-Citymarket toy department Helsinki, Finland

Kesko K-Citymarket Fruit and Vegetable department Helsinki, Finland

Kesko K-Citymarket toy department Helsinki, Finland

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