VTB Privilege Moscow retail bank brand strategy agency
VTB bank Privilege Moscow retail brand strategy consultants

Creating a brand identity and marketing strategy for VTB Privilege consumers, designed by our team of international retail bank branding creatives.

VTB24 is one of Russia's largest banks, managing to gain leadership in the retail financial services sector over a short period of time and branding has been key to that success.

Understanding Generation Y as well as the VIP segment in this financial digital age.
In recent times VTB24 management executive chose to place a focus on the interests of wealthy individuals of small to medium size companies in what has been termed the 'Privilege segment'. Their aim was to strengthen VTB24's position in the VIP segment of the SME sector, where the Bank offers a private banking programme for high net worth customers called “Privilege”.

In an increasingly competitive wealth market, the private banking business is consolidating. Financial advisers, asset managers, hedge fund businesses are all moving into each others territory. It follows that a well-crafted brand strategy in the financial services sector is of paramount importance. VTB24 has developed one such strategy for individuals in the small to medium size company wealth segment.

A brief for the sub-brand segment was prepared by the Marketing team and sent to us for development.

VTB bank Privilege Moscow retail brand strategy consultants

Put the customer at the heart of retail bank financial marketing services - VTB24 privilege.
VTB24 management asked us to redesign the ‘Privilege’ brand identity, to make it distinctive, and to create a mark that symbolised higher financial status and special banking services.

Our creative team responsible for financial branding services produced a number of design solutions from which the client chose one, recommending the 'eagle wing symbol' which has a universal appeal symbolising attributes of authority, power, strength, energy, and courage.

We believe our brand solution adds a degree of finesse to the brand segment, compared with the previous Privilege brand identity, and has been implemented across account promotional material, plus many other brand touch points within the business.

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