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Russia’s largest dollar shop, a brand identity, retail store design brand guidelines, manuals and branding strategy for Fix Price.

Investproject, a retail investment business established in Moscow, set its goal on becoming the No.1 choice for the Russian customer in the niche of discount everyday food and non-food products. With no precedent in the Russian retail marketplace the challenge, to create a successful brand, required a design consultant with experience in retail brand and store design to support an ambitious shareholder growth strategy. Investproject now operates more than 2000 Fix Price retail stores across the country's vast territory.

Fix price retail dollar shop brand consultants
Fix price retail dollar shop catalogue design

We work closely with our clients to develop new brands, products and services.
Our design solution for the Fix Price brand identity delivered impact, and was designed to reflect the rational value of the customer promise: ‘super product - super value - one price’ Our store planning utilised various zones including a ‘WOW’ zone, and ‘Deal of the day’ at the store entrance, an impulse area, and various offer areas in concert with a hero product area and the main range. This gave the store a balance, which proved successful.

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Fix price retail stores dollar shop brand agency

The creation of a bold and innovative - a dollar shop retail brand and store design.
Investproject required a national brand identity and retail store design that could compete effectively against subway kiosk traders. These independent traders line the subway and underground stations of Moscow and the regions in the thousands.
Investproject planned to create a retail chain that provides:
Convenient locations - more local
A unique assortment - more choice
All items and all deals - one price
Can accommodate all your family needs

Fix price retail dollar shop brand consultant Russia

Fix price retail dollar shop brand consultant Russia